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As cuequinhas de Tallulah Bankhead

There was this story sidelight: Bankhead eschewed undergarments, and freely exposed her private parts. Some people, including Slezak, were offended. "In order to step into the boat we had to go over a little ladder", Zlezak recalled. "The first day she lifted her skirt to under her arms  - with nothing underneath. She carried on that tired joke for about fifteen weeks, while I was on the picture. Every day, three, four, or five days, she showed she wasn't wearing panties. Maybe I'm a prude, but I don't like vulgar women."

Not Hitchcock: One day, according to Cronyn a visiting lady journalist from a women's magazine took umbrage at Bankhead's exhibitionism, and complained to the publicity department. The publicists pressed the issue with production manager Ben Silvey, who passed the buck to Hitchcock. Joseph Cotten vouched for what happened next: he was visiting the set when he noticed cameramen Glen MacWilliams slide over to Hitchcock and whisper that whenever Bankhead spread her legs, the shot was ruined.

The director lifted up his stomach, stuck out his bottom lip, and pronounced loud enough for everyone to hear, "This is not for me to handle. We shall call the hairdresser."

"Alfred Hitchcock - A Life in Darkness and Light", de Patrick McGilligan

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