segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2017


Tony Judt e Timothy Snyder que não estão a falar do Brexit mas estão.
Snyder: «Sherlock has a mystery to solve in Bohemia, where everyone speaks German and no one speaks Czech. And of course the political corollary of this is that Bohemia is a far-away country of which we know little. Which, paradoxically, one could not have said about Burma.
Judt: Indeed, so; Burma is a far-away country about which we know something. But of course the sense of distance and mystery in Central Europe has distant roots; think of Shakespeare and the "coast of Bohemia" on "The Winter's Tale". This English sense that Europe is more mysterious than the Empire (once you get past Calais) is old and established. For the English, at least in their self-image, the wider world has meaning as a reference; but Europe is not something with which we wish to be too closely associated.»
in Thinking the Twentieth Century (2012)

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  1. E alguns excertos do Yes, Minister, que cresci a ver, são, ainda hoje tão acutilantes como hilariantes.

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