segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2016

the idea of destiny

(...) I do not think that there exists in any corner of the world any work of fiction or drama to which the idea of destiny is foreign. But it usually remains at the theological, indeed fetishistic level, unless it is no more than a pure poetic sham. In some of the finest American films it is instead posed, as in the fifth-century tragedians, in terms of morality: or by reference to religion which, be it Protestant sect or Irish Catholicism, is sparing of both external ceremony and flights of mysticism, and is above all the promulgation of a moral code for living.

Eric Rhomer in "Redecouvrir L'Amerique" (Natal de 1955)

Ora bem, em 2016 temos "Rogue One" ou "Independence Day: Resurgence", por exemplo, onde a questão do destino propõe um fim qualquer, sem que isso seja mais relevante do que uma cor de nave em photoshop, ou um bicep escondido num manto também ele provavelmente muito colorido.

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