terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2015

Vila dessincronizada

There are obviously reactionary as well as progressive ways of trying to generate these links by either broadening or contracting our available options in trying to live in the contemporary world. The fact that some of us have too little data while others have too much only begins to describe the challenge. Clearly the wave of reactionary fundamentalism that is currently infecting portions of the planet has something to do with a counter-reaction to the surfeit of data that complicates and confounds many of our choices, desperately seeking a form of simplification and clarity that will cause much of this surfeit to recede. Global capitalism, of course, proceeds to operate according to a similar modus operandi by limiting some of our marketplace choices, meanwhile assuring us, as often as it can, that the only possibilities — or at least the most prominent ones — tend to be the best. Which means, in effect, that not to have a personal agenda in relation to one’s choices usually means having to rationalize the choices that have already been made on one’s behalf.

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