domingo, 30 de novembro de 2014

“Because we’re full of pride and see humanity firmly established as the rulers of the solar system, we tend to think that nothing more powerful, more moral and more delightful or in any way better than we are could possibly come after us. Most of us find it difficult even to contemplate the possibility that we are fulfilling a role like that of the feathered egg-laying reptiles who were the predecessor of the birds. But the signs are here: we already talk, first in fiction but now in science, about artificial intelligence. There are many possible forms of life and evolutions of Gaia beyond the ones we know.”, p. 17

“Greenpeace, your great and powerful negative feedback on all that enlightened technical progress stands for: quit your war with GM, with nuclear energy and with the chemical industry, and see what might be your target – the real enemy, that computer on your desk; something that could morph into a new form of life powerful enough to destroy us, our carbon life forms, and inherit the Earth.”, p. 84

 James Lovelock, " A Rough Ride to the Future, 2014

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